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Courses Offered

BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology)

Before we go into the details of what Osmania University curriculum has to offer you. Let us take the opportunity to introduce and inform you our objective in providing this course and the teaching methodology adopted.

Firstly our objectives,

  • To make the student aware of diverse opportunities in hospitality industry
  • To educate the student about the facts and myths of hospitality industry and the usefulness of undergoing this course
  • To train him/her to become a manager and hone leadership skills
  • To etch him/her to be an entrepreneur than just ending up being a job holder
  • To ensure that the student is going in the right path and therefore there won't be any hindrances to his/her future
  • To provide him/her a valid certification which is accepted worldwide

Lastly and most importantly, what makes our college SPECIAL from that of the others i.e., our Teaching Methodology.

Although the Course curriculum is the same in all O.U affiliated hotel management colleges (more or less the same in other university colleges), we bring in a fresh approach with an angle of practicality and acceptability of the subject.

  • We teach from the roots and go beyond the subject
  • We believe in having as less as possible classroom lectures and more of hands on learning experiences
  • We make students to think innovative and thus making them to be more productive and different from other peer groups
  • We don't prepare the students for exams but prepare them for LIFE

We trust that our methodology will result in giving the best possible education to the student which acts a strong foundation to his/her career.

Below are the details of the course and rules and regulations

(Affiliated to Osmania University)
Eligibility Pass in Intermediate in any discipline or any 2 year vocational course.
Age Upto 23 years
Duration 3 Years full time

The 3 year degree course is the finest curriculum developed by Osmania University. BHM&CT is the industry's benchmark and so our flagship course which provides you the knowledge and skills required for the industry.

The course will give an opportunity to students to gain excellent skills in Hospitality Management and prepare them to take up any challenges in the job.

Course Structure

S.No.  1st Year Theory  2nd Year/1st Semester Theory 2nd Year/ 2nd Semester 3rd Year/1st Semester Theory 3rd Year/2nd Semester Theory
1. Fundamentals of Food Production Indian Regional Cuisine Industrial Exposure Training at 5 Star Hotels across the World Advanced Food Production Larder Kitchen and Management
2. Food & Beverage Service-I Food & Beverage service-II   Food & Beverage service-III Food & Beverage Service-IV
3. Accommodation Operations-I Accommodation operations-II   Accommodation Operations-III Accommodation Operations-IV
4. Front Office-I Front Office-II   Front Office-III Hotel Facility Planning
5. French Hotel Accounts   Financial Analysis Food & Beverage Management-I
6. Communicative English Principles of Management   Sales & Marketing  
7. Hygiene & Sanitation Hotel Law   Human Resources Management  
8. Environmental Studies Hotel Engineering & Maintenance   Economics & Tourism  
9. Basic Computer Applications        
    Practical's Practical's   Practical's Practical's
10. Basic Training Kitchen Quantity Training Kitchen   Advanced Training Kitchen-I Advanced Training Kitchen-II
11. Food & Beverage Service-I Food & Beverage Service-II Bar Operations   Food & Beverage Service-III Food & Beverage Service-IV
12. Accommodation Operations-I Accommodation Operations-II   Accommodation Operations-III Project Report
13. Front Office-I Front Office-II   Front Office-III I.T.in Hotel Industry
14. Basic Computer Applications        

Uniforms, Accessories & Tools

Uniforms are not only for bringing about commonality amongst students but also depicts solidarity, and this has been this way through out, right from the days of the Roman Empire to the modern day manufacturing houses.

As Industry demands, workforce need to look more united and eager to serve the customer, so the role of the uniform becomes very important. When the workforce is wearing a pleasant uniform, the customers approach them more confidently.

Alongside with the uniform, the student has to follow industry grooming standards at all times during the course. There is a zero tolerance policy towards not adhering.

Ist Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
White Shirt-2 White Shirt-2 White Shirt-2
Black Trouser-2 Black Trouser-2 Black Trouser-2
Waist Coat-1 Waist Coat-1 Chef Coat-1
Chef Coat-1 Chef Coat-1 Chef Trouser-1
Chef Trouser-1 Chef Trouser-1 Lab coat-1
Lab coat-1 Lab coat-1 Apron-1
Apron-1 Apron-1 Black Shoes-1
Black Shoes-1 Black Shoes-1 Tie-1
Tie-1 Tie-1 Blazer & Tie-1
Bow & Tie-1 Bow & Tie-1 Campus Business Suit-1
  Blazer & Tie-1  

Grooming Standards

Boys Hair Neatly Cut without hanging out on the ears or forehead

  • Clean Shaven Beard
  • Clean and Trimmed Nails
  • Well worn uniform
  • No Tattoos
  • No bands or rings on the Hands

Girls Hair Neatly done and Tied up without any strands

  • Trimmed Nails without Nail Gloss or Polish
  • Minimum or No Make up
  • No Jeweler on Hands or Fingers
  • No Ear Hangings
  • Well worn Uniform

Other than the above, the students required to carry relevant Kits & tools with them as per the lab requirement.
Attendance: Student has to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance to be eligible for University Main Examinations.

Industrial Exposure Training

As per the almanac of the Osmania University, students will be deputed at various hotels in 2nd Year 2nd Semester i.e. from December to April. Students can opt to do their internship in India or an abroad country of their choice (Provided they adhere to good discipline standards and attitude)

Examinations: Examinations will be conducted as detailed below

  • 1st year Term end examinations in April/May
  • 2nd Year 1st semester in November/December, 2nd Semester in May
  • 3rd Year 1st  semester in November/December, 2nd Semester in May

Placements: Campus Placements are provided as per the rules of the placement cell.
Fee Payments: Fee Payments are to be done without fail as per the agreed terms and conditions

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