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Celebrations & Events
Onam Celebrations 2019
Celebrated Onam - a Traditional festival of Kerala. Students have set up the ambience, cooked Onasadya, performed Traditional Dance, presented the prominence of the Festival and had a sumptuous food to end the festive season. We practice this kind of culture so that students will learn and develop an understanding and respect towards various cultures as they are a part of peoples industry and giving them delightful experiences at Hospitality organisations
Oktoberfest 2019
Our first year students have celebrated Oktoberfest. A popular Beer Festival celebrated in Germany every year. Here our students have got an opportunity to learn about Beer, its production, Brands and other interesting facts about Beer and about German Culture & Food.
International Yoga Day 2019
Celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June 2019 by all our students
Hyderabad Christmas Food Carnival 2018
Events and Activities 2018
Ramadan Iftar Event
Ramadan Iftar Meal
Rap Song Performance
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